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“Sharing is caring”: GFI German Fresh Food Markets take three-day study trip to Athens

On Wednesday a GFI delegation comprising 25 wholesale and street market managers embarks on the annual study trip to a European market metropolis. Two years ago the GFI visited London, last year Madrid, and in 2018 the destination is Athens.

GFI board chairman Uwe Kluge is looking forward to the trip. ”This will be an exciting few days full of new impressions and insights. Athens is a vibrant, bustling metropolis - a fascinating fusion of antique monuments and modern life. The cuisine is a mix of Mediterranean specialities and classic Greek dishes. Having a drink together while sharing an array of small delicacies and “nibbles” is a hallmark of Greek hospitality. We are happy to take this idea on board and share our knowledge about what makes European markets successful.“

The busy programme includes visits to two wholesale markets and two retail markets, plus two receptions, one at the Ministry of Economics and Development and one at the German-Greek Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

The GFI study trips are designed to promote a meaningful exchange about sustainable market concepts for the future. This year GFI is receiving support from their Greek colleagues at the Central Markets & Fishery Organization CMFO, with whom GFI has close ties via the World Union of Wholesale Markets WUWM. They will ensure that the visitors from GFI are shown behind the scenes, learn more about how these markets are managed, and collect new ideas to inspire their own work in Germany.

A full report will be available at the end of May.



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