Wholesale markets are at the centre of the chain of added value for fresh foods and flowers. This is where growers, wholesalers and importers meet the buyers from shops and restaurants who want the best for their customers. And customer relations are very important, because delivering to customers is part of the service where freshness is concerned.

Grown around the world, sold in the region

Regional, national and overseas growers supply produce to the importers and wholesalers based at the wholesale markets. The wholesale market is the sales channel of choice for growers who attach great importance to the quality and freshness of the produce and value the professional advice and trading skills of the companies at the wholesale markets and their customers.

Companies based at the markets

Most sellers are wholesalers and importers. Possessing great professionalism and experience, they are able to handle large volumes of every kind of perishable food from all parts of the world. Many of the companies trading on the wholesale markets have been owned and operated by the same family for several generations.

The entire range of services connected with the produce is available. The market traders are highly competitive because they put the customer first and offer the latest logistics technology and services.

Regional growers have stands at many wholesale markets to sell freshly picked seasonal produce: –From the region Ŕ for the region” is the guiding principle Ŕ cutting transport time and costs.

The buyers

Among the customers who buy from the varied range at the wholesale market are independent retailers, street market traders, hotels, restaurants, chain store branches and bulk buyers for hospitals, community centres, fast-food outlets and canteens

The experts for healthy eating

Without the wholesale markets, consumers would find their quality of life diminished. Because the people who buy produce at the wholesale market pay close attention to freshness, variety and quality.




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