Major event in the fresh food trade

5th GFI Fructinale 2015 rocks new location

Last year many friends of fresh food markets were very disappointed to learn there was no GFI Fructinale. But this year the event was back: on 5th February the who’s who of the industry gathered in the old Berlin Waterworks for a relaxed evening of networking with fellow fans of healthy foods.

The new location was a big hit with the more than 300 guests from the business, political and media communities. The chefs working behind the scenes at the Waterworks created a fresh World Food Buffet, full of different textures, flavours and culinary delights. The fascinating show acts were a welcome change after a tiring day at the fair - and as the evening wore on, many people got up to dance.

Uwe Kluge, chairman of the GFI board, was delighted that the event had gone so well: “Once again, we succeeded in hosting an evening to remember. All in all, our guests agreed it was a charming location, with a good atmosphere, exquisite catering and a super programme.”

The traditional highlight of the evening is the presentation of three GFI Buddy Bear awards to friends and partners of the fresh food markets community. This year, two of the coveted, individually decorated works of art were awarded in the “Social Nutrition Projects” category.


Visiting parliamentarians: Members of the Bundestag Florian Post (3rd from left), Mahmut Özdemir (3rd from right) and Thomas Mahlberg (2nd from right) with the GFI board members Andreas Foidl, Uwe Kluge and Peter Joppa (from left to right)

BuddyBuddy Bear award for “Social Commitment in the Nutrition Sector - For Society as a Whole” – presented to; the foodbank charity Berliner Tafel, represented by its founder and chairwoman Sabine Werth and project manager Eva Rößler – GFI board member Andreas Foidl gave the laudatory speech

Buddy Bear award for “Social Commitment in the Nutrition Sector – School Fruit Programme” – presented to; The Fruit Trade Initiative, represented by Claus Anderson, project manager (right) – GFI board member Peter Joppa gave the laudatory speech

Buddy Bear award for “Commitment to Networking and Cooperation” – presented to; The GHVG Hamburg Wholesale Market Administrative Cooperative, represented by board members Jochen Conrad, Ralf Albers and Silke Hauschildt – former managing director of Hamburg Wholesale Market, Torsten Berens, (left) gave the laudatory speech

A farewell surprise: Uwe Kluge seized the good opportunity and presented a small Buddy Bear to Torsten Berens for many years of commitment to the interests of Germany’s fresh food markets and his international work as a member of the board of directors of the World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM).

Honouring commitment: all the award winners

Spectacular: The abseiling act by Ines Weber, saxophone, and Patrick Bayogar, percussion, was a real show-stopper

Photo credits: visionis Kommunikation / Bernhard von Schröder (2,4,1/6,8,9,10), Großmarkt Bremen / Claas Türke (3,7), Fruchthandelmagazin / Michael Schotten (5)

About the Fructinale
In 2009 GFI German Fresh Food Markets added a whole new dimension to networking. It was the year that the Fructinale was launched, one of the largest industry gatherings on the fringe of the Fruit Logistica. It is an unusual event, which has rapidly turned into an opportunity for the who’s who of the fresh produce business to meet and refresh networks in a pleasantly relaxed environment. Over 300 guests from the business, political and media communities join for an unforgettable evening to celebrate life’s true stars: fruit and vegetables. The mix of entertainment, fresh food, networking and an unusual location makes the Fructinale a unique event. The industry is already looking forward to the 6th GFI Fructinale in 2017.

People with markets – markets alive with people

About GFI German Fresh Food Markets
GFI Deutsche Frischemärkte e.V. (German Fresh Food Markets) was founded in 2000, initially as a marketing association for German wholesale markets. In 2010 it was decided to open the association to retail markets and broaden its remit. GFI sees itself as a network of partners and offers its members a broad-based, formalized transfer of knowledge about key trade management issues as well as providing platforms for public presentation such as the joint stand at the Fruit Logistica and the website GFI German Fresh Food Markets acts as the central point of contact for any national or overseas growers looking to conduct marketing events through good quality, independent food retail outlets.

About German Fresh Food Markets
These markets guarantee a wide variety of top quality fresh produce, especially fruit and vegetables. Some are wholesale markets and some are retail markets. But together they ensure the availability of good, nutritious food for around 100 million consumers in Germany and neighbouring European countries.

The wholesale markets are central, urban trading platforms where around 2,800 small and medium size wholesalers, importers and growers supply fresh produce, both regional and imported, to more than 56,000 customers in the specialist, independent food retail business such as greengrocer’s shops and street markets, and to large-scale caterers and top restaurant chefs. Annual turnover of goods is around 7.8 million tonnes with a total value of roughly 10.3 billion euros.

The retail markets include 3,500 street markets and 15,000 greengrocer’s shops in Germany. Street markets are the most important sites for selling agricultural produce from local growers. Selling regional products and a great variety of produce from all over the world, the itinerant traders offer their customers a uniquely pleasurable shopping experience in the open air. The specialized greengrocer’s shops offer their customers personal advice and service in connection with their carefully selected range. Professional expertise is a prime consideration. A range of produce that changes with the seasons makes the specialist store a must-visit shop for people who look for healthy food with plenty of variety.



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