WUWM Conference
Food Markets from 30 Countries Meet in Prague

A recent conference of the World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM) held in Prague, Czech Republic saw delegates from 30 countries of the world in attendance. Hosted by the Lipence Wholesale Market situated in the city of Prague, the conference featured speakers from 10 countries.

The Declaration resulting from the conference is featured below. Copies of the presentations made during this meeting are available from the WUWM member-only section of the WUWM website.

Prague, Czech Republic
21 May 2009

On the occasion of the World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM) Conference held in Prague, Czech Republic under the theme: "Prague: The Heart of Europe", delegates from 30 countries gather here today to express unanimous agreement of the following:

 We thank the European Commission Directorate General (DG) Agriculture for its participation in this event and its recognition of the value of the work of WUWM and its members within Europe. Furthermore, we accept the invitation to offer advice and remain involved in helping this directorate achieve its aims and objectives.

 In response to recent meetings and discussions with officials, WUWM reinforces its commitment to remain active in activities with other European Commission directorates, namely DG Health & Consumer Protection and DG Competition.

 We use this occasion to inform that the European section of the WUWM will encourage the initiation of a cross-border campaign (focusing on quality and freshness), to assist in the aim of increasing European fresh fruit and vegetable consumption. We call on the European Commission to support this campaign by providing WUWM with access to EC marketing and promotional funding.

 The issues of wholesale market modernization and redevelopment that have formed the basis of the discussions in this WUWM Conference reflect the many current projects and completed initiatives underway in wholesale markets around the world. The market sector emphasizes its wish to continue to provide both a modern and safe fresh produce distribution network, not only in Europe but in all countries throughout the world. It is recognised that this commitment will require significant amounts of investment, including all players in the sector.

 WUWM will continue to ensure wholesale markets have access to effective and efficient information exchange, as well as networking opportunities that support increased professionalism in the sector. In this way we lend our support to the market developments proposed to be undertaken in the future by the Lipence Wholesale Market in Prague.

Through our current partnership working with world organizations, WUWM reconfirms its aim to ensure markets enjoy an increased profile on local, national and international agendas.

 In closing, we take this opportunity to reconfirm that food markets are tools that create and sustain local and regional food economies, helping to provide consumers with affordable and accessible food at the best quality-price ratio. The market business model also ensures competitiveness, choice and efficiency in the global food distribution chain.

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