Network for traders and marketing partners

GFI German Wholesale markets

is the central point of contact for national and international growers who would like to undertake marketing activities at appropriate, independent food stores
it offers these marketing partners individual concepts so they can communicate their brand to the quality-conscious consumer and arrange product tasting events.

All this is possible because many independent retailers are part of the wholesale markets' formidable řFresh produce networkÓ
consisting of attractive street market locations, specialist greengrocer shops and retail market halls
offering an excellent advertising environment because they focus on advice, service and providing a good shopping experience

Promotions at street markets for kiwis

GFI is the central point of contact for marketing partners wanting to use this platform:
GFI undertakes the overall planning and coordination of campaigns and arranges for national and international PR work serving the press and Internet sites
The wholesale markets take care of the planning details and involve the local trading partners. They often also arrange for local and regional advertising / PR and organize own events in support of the marketing specials.


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