On behalf of its members GFI lobbies politicians and people representing trade chambers and associations.

GFI is supporting the Federal Government in its plans to use consumer and economic policy options together with legal measures in the battle against price dumping. Action must be taken to ensure the protection of smaller food shops and street market traders and thus the preservation of small and medium business enterprises as an economic force. Smaller firms are often at such a competitive disadvantage when food chains launch special campaigns that their very survival is threatened.

The GFI, as a professional association, is actively involved in the current process of drafting revisions to the law on monopolies. Talks with representatives from the ministries for consumer protection and economics have confirmed that all parties are committed to guaranteeing the variety and quality of the fresh produce that reaches the consumer.

During the Fruit Logistica 2007, on the evening of 9th February, GFI will be holding a panel discussion on the topic of price dumping in the Red Town Hall . Contrasting views on the topic will be debated by people representing agriculture, wholesaling, retailing, consumers, politics and associations.


Fruit Logistica