WUWM World Union of Wholesale Markets

Whether in London , Cape Town , Peking, Buenos Aires or Sydney across the world wholesale markets play a vital role in keeping people supplied with fresh products.
The World Union of Wholesale Markets unites the major wholesale markets on all five continents; it is a non-profit organization which first took up work in 1955.

The main aim of the Union is to distil the lessons learned by its members, to channel interests and promote the standing of wholesale markets across the world, showing them to be the guarantee for freshness, variety and quality. The World Union supports its members in their efforts to supply fresh food at competitive prices without compromising on the high standards of quality which set this sales channel apart from the others.

The work of the World Union comprises the following,
taking an active part in solving the problems and addressing the issues which concern municipal wholesalers and retailers;
ensuring that the transfer of knowledge between the members functions well, whether that be by organizing congresses, collecting facts and figures of interest to wholesale markets and making them available or by publishing relevant reports;
giving support to other international organizations dedicated to promoting the efficient distribution of foodstuffs, if they take a special interest in the role of the wholesale market.

At present WUWM has more than 160 members in 40 countries.

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"5 a day" - Health awareness campaign

In the Federal Republic of Germany a new health awareness campaign, the first of its kind, was launched under the title "5 a day". For some time it has been known that fruit and vegetables help prevent cancer and cardio-vascular disease.

The development society GFI Deutsche Großmärkte is supporting this campaign.



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